Kennedy campaign could be good for America

I welcome the presidential campaign of democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Even if he is ultimately exposed as controlled opposition.

I doubt that I could ever vote for him, but I am delighted that he is running. That isn’t sarcasm. I actually am delighted.

I hope that his campaign will help to reveal, to those who continue to bury their heads in the sand, the war that our own government, on behalf of the elite predatory class, has waged on us through censorship and intimidation, with the cooperation of losers who pose as journalists within the corporate mainstream propaganda cartel. I hope his campaign will expose the bloodthirsty warmongers — both democrats and republicans — who are directing — and bullshitting — us directly into World War III.

Kennedy’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, exposes two of the world’s most dangerous con artists and helps to reveal part of the scam behind covid and the jab (although Kennedy was an early fan of authoritarian lockdowns) — not to mention AIDS and countless other Fauci-enabled crimes against humanity.

In March, Kennedy and Children’s Health Defense (CHD) filed a class action lawsuit against President Joe Biden, Fauci and other top administration officials and federal agencies, alleging they “waged a systematic, concerted campaign” to compel the nation’s three largest social media companies to censor constitutionally protected speech.

In January, Kennedy, CHD and others filed an anti-trust lawsuit against the so-called “Trusted News Initiative,” a cartel of the world’s largest legacy news organizations like The Washington Post, the Associated Press, Reuters and the British Broadcasting Corporation, along with the biggest social media platforms — Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft — who conspired to shield dangerous “misinformation” — like the Hunter Biden laptop story — from the delicate minds of the global population.

The problem is this: as a libertarian republican who is fed up with the deep state predators, I would support a candidate — even a democrat — who is willing to expose the criminal medical establishment and monsters like Fauci.

But I cannot support a candidate, like Kennedy, who supports the monstrous practice of murdering unborn babies, and who continues to peddle climate hysteria. Kennedy, chairman of CHD, has long been an advocate for vaccine safety (AKA “conspiracy theorist”), and has been outspoken about suppressed reports of childhood vaccine injuries — pre- and post-covid. Evidently it’s okay to butcher the unborn, but if they happen to make it out of the womb alive, we must protect them from vaccine injuries.

I generally don’t buy into the medical cartel’s vaccine agenda, but Kennedy’s hypocrisy on this issue is resounding.

It’s also concerning that Kennedy apparently has caught on to the scam of using the fear of a virus as a tool of state control, causing people to lock down, mask-up and inject untested experimental substances into their bodies, yet he continues to incite climate hysteria — which is, like covid, another tool to scare unwitting dupes into compliance with whatever the government instructs them to do next.

I keep hoping that, having realized the scam and thuggery of the medical industrial complex, that Kennedy would come to realize that the climate industrial complex is more of the same. Maybe he already knows, but doesn’t want to admit that he has been wrong all these years.

Still, Kennedy’s views about the medical establishment and the government’s blatant attack on our freedom should make for interesting fodder during the campaign. It’s likely that no other democrat would oppose vaccines, war and censorship as campaign talking points. In fact, along with climate change and promoting the genital mutilation of children, those seem to be the causes that democrats hold dear.

Let’s suppose that Kennedy is able to squeeze through the corrupt democrat nomination process and become the party’s candidate and debates Donald Trump about the jab. I would wager that a large portion of Trump’s supporters are vaccine denying conspiracy whack jobs like me. But while Kennedy is on my side on this issue, Trump continues to brag that he saved trillions of lives by fast-tracking Operation Warp Speed, and no research or data is going to convince him otherwise.

So who does CNN and the Washington Mockingbird Post and the rest of the corporate media side with on this one? The orange guy who they are trying execute for a misdemeanor but who pushes their medical industrial complex agenda, or the democrat who not only has exposed Fauci and Gates as the criminals they are, but also has publicly exposed the media itself as participants in a conspiracy to violate the fundamental rights of the American people?

Trump would have another debate problem: how to resist his inevitable temptation to make fun of Kennedy’s voice. Kennedy suffers from spasmodic dysphonia, a neurological disorder that affects the muscles in the larynx, making his voice unbearably gravelly. I frequently listen to his podcast, The Defender. It can be hard to listen to.

“I’ve never heard anything like it,” Trump might point out. “Nothing like mine. The doctors tell me, ‘Sir, nobody ever had a voice as good as yours.’ Even better than Lincoln’s.”

But before a Kennedy-Trump debate, RFK would have to get past forensic mastermind Joe Biden and the other halfwits who are recruited to water down the Big Guy’s competition. Whether you agree with his positions or not, if 2020 is any indicator of the cerebral talent the democrats are able to muster onto the national stage, Kennedy will truly stand alone as the adult in the room. Just like Tulsi Gabbard did in 2020 — before she caved in and obediently endorsed Biden.

It’s ironic that the “outsider” in the democrat race is a member of a “royal” family that has traditionally been worshiped by the fawning American media.

He may be controlled opposition. He may be a Trojan horse.

His support of abortion and his climate fanaticism may prevent me from voting for him, but I will be rooting for him to disrupt the smug political class and its choreographed narratives during the upcoming presidential election season.

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