Psychopaths and an oblivious nation

If U.S. and Soviet military leaders got their way 61 years ago this week, it’s a strong possibility that none of us would be here today.

Sixty one years from now, I won’t be here. But will my sons be here? Will my grandson, who is still awaiting birth, be here?

Will anybody be here?

Listening to the unenlightened rhetoric of our so-called “leaders,” the enabling propaganda of our despicable “news media” and the ignorant macho rants of amateur bloviators who seem to have no tether to reality—or history—it seems possible that none of us will be here next year, let alone 61 years from now.

All for what cause or benefit?

Sixty one years ago, John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev—the top executives of the world’s two nuclear powers—while talking tough publicly, privately expressed their mutual desire for peace in an exchange of letters while their psychopathic military leaders pressured them to “win” with a first nuclear strike. Kennedy privately confided that a military coup to overthrow the presidency and commence nuclear war was possible.

The psychopaths didn’t get their way in October 1962.

But they haven’t stopped trying. And they are running the circus.

Sixty one years later I don’t see many “leaders” in this country who are rational, stable and bright enough to turn the present ship around before it travels too far.

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