Why Biden may be gone before November

If demented President Joe Biden is not going to be able to fulfill his full four-year term in office, here’s why the democrats need him out of the White House before the November mid-term elections.

If Biden is to be removed from office for any reason in 2022 — before or after the November election — here’s what would happen.

Under Amendment 25 of the Constitution, Vice President Cackling Kamala Harris would become president and would nominate somebody to fill the vice presidential vacancy. Her nominee would then need to be confirmed by a majority vote of both houses of Congress. If that happens before the next Congress convenes on January 3, 2023, Harris’ nomination is likely to be approved by the democrat majority.

If Biden is removed from office after January 3, 2023, Harris would become president, but her vice presidential nominee, if he or she is a democrat, probably would not be easily confirmed by what is likely to be an overwhelmingly republican congress — assuming that we’re somehow able to conduct honest elections in November. (As this is being written, Biden and the democrats are reportedly looking for a way to allow illegal aliens to vote, which is a most desperate attempt to turn back what may be a red wave of historical proportions given Biden’s position as possibly the most unpopular president in American history.)

By dispatching Biden to a memory care center during the months prior to the November election, democrats have an opportunity to:

  • Save face with some gullible voters by suddenly acknowledging our disastrous economy and making Biden the scapegoat;
  • Score political points among liberals by making Cackling Kamala the first black woman president (she is Indian and Jamaican);
  • Avoid having to replace the oblivious Biden during the upcoming, presumably republican Congress, which would set up a standoff between Harris and a House and Senate that refuse to confirm “her” vice presidential nominee.
  • Allow Cackling Kamala to nominate, and Congress to confirm, the democratic branch of the swamp’s choice to serve as vice president for the next two years. Most likely, that nominee will not be Harris’ choice, but a choice foisted on her by democrat leaders — probably their pre-annointed 2024 presidential candidate who will get a head start campaigning from the high exposure position as sitting vice president. Maybe Michelle Obama, God forbid?

Why would Cackling Kamala go along with this?

She doesn’t have a choice.

Recent polls—for whatever value polls have—show that she is even less popular than the least popular president in history. Cackling Kamala is not going to be the democrats’ 2024 presidential nominee.


According to Amendment 25, Harris would become acting president if Biden declares that he is unable to discharge his duties as president, or, if Harris and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of Congress, make such a declaration.

Biden could, hypothetically, challenge the declaration that he is mentally unfit to serve. Then, following a period of laughter, the issue would go to Congress, which could send him to the memory care unit with a two-thirds vote of both houses.

Supposing Biden were sufficiently coherent to make a challenge, why wouldn’t he? Let’s start with Hunter’s laptop. The swamp controlled mainstream media has successfully kept that “Russian propaganda” under wraps for almost two years. As Sen. Chuck Schumer warned Donald Trump five years ago, “You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.”

When the nice men in white coats arrive at the White House with the resignation papers, it will be in Biden’s best interest — and his family’s best interest — to sign on the line, shake hands with the invisible man to his right and enjoy the payoffs from China, Ukraine and whoever else bought him off.

If the swamp controlled mainstream media, in the coming weeks, begins to question Biden’s mental ability to serve — and social media eases suppression of some of Joe’s predispositions — look for him to be gone around September.

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