Make it stop – vote for freedom

If we don’t get it right in May, it probably won’t matter that much what happens in November.

The real opportunity to take our state and country back from the elite-controlled swamps in Washington and Columbus will happen in the May primaries, when conservatives get to decide who, if anybody, will represent us in November against authoritarian surveillance-state democrats.

There are plenty of GOP candidates on the May 3 primary ballot who offer more of the same snake oil that got us into the economic and cultural mess we’re in. There are very few candidates who are willing to address what’s at the root of the mess and fight against it.

Those are the candidates we need to support and elect – and refuse to support those who continue to play us for saps and deceive us with rehashed lies and rhetoric.

I recently had an intriguing conversation with a small group of fellow republicans.

Each person in the group agreed that Mike DeWine is an unmitigated disaster as governor of Ohio. Each person in the group generally acknowledged that DeWine has infringed Ohioans’ very freedom by dictatorially imposing Nazi-like curfews, choosing to shut down and destroy independent businesses – denying people the right to feed their families and destroying investments and life savings – while shutting down houses of worship and mandating that human beings – including children – cover their faces for hours at a time with filthy, germ saturated, unhealthy masks.

They all agreed that this licentious enemy of the people needs to be removed from office.

However, they argued, if DeWine happens to win the May primary election over republican opponents Joe Blystone and Jim Renacci, we need to band together as republicans to support him in the November general election.


I will never support an abusive tyrant like DeWine for elected office, and I said so. I will never subordinate my freedom and personal sovereignty to any party or organization.

Oh, so you would rather have a democrat win,” was the astoundingly silly but not unpredictable retort.

This mindset is what the elitist political class, which believes it owns us, has counted on in election after election after election.

Make it stop.

With the May primaries coming, this is the time to ensure that we don’t back ourselves into the usual corner of being asked to select the lesser of two evils in November – which is exactly what the GOP establishment wants to happen.

Our God-given freedom is under attack.

Fortunately, viable citizen candidates who are outside the control of the deep state swamp are on the ballot in May. These are candidates who are fed up with the attacks on free speech, our medical freedom, our ability to make decisions for ourselves and our families and the increasing intrusion of government in our daily lives.

The candidates I strongly support are Jonah Schulz for U.S. Congress in the 7th Ohio District, Mark Pukita for U.S. Senate and John Adams for Ohio secretary of state.

Don’t take my word for it. Look them up online. View their recorded talks on social media. Call them. Email them. Ask them questions.

And pay no attention to endorsements from insider politicians and organizations. Endorsements are tools used by elitist political insiders and their stooges who arrogantly presume to be “in the know” to manipulate your vote.

Do your own research. It’s your vote. It’s your freedom in the balance.

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