People don't know their true power

It’s not about Trump

For me, the elections of the next few years are not about Donald Trump.

They are not about the republican party.

They are not necessarily about “conservative” values.

They are about me.

Does that sound selfish?

Actually, I don’t think it is.

The single issue by which I will judge all candidates, at all levels, in upcoming elections, is whether they are in favor of individual freedom with minimal government intrusion, or not. Do they support my God-bestowed right to make my own decisions about how to live my life, or do they support a collectivist society of automatons managed by an authoritarian government controlled by the global elite?

Candidates, you have to choose sides. To paraphrase George W. Bush in 2001: “You’re either with me or against me.”

My position is not a selfish one. If my freedom is protected, then so is yours.

I realize that freedom is an uncomfortable notion for a multitude of perpetual children who lazily prefer to squander the Creator’s gift of freedom to avoid growing up and thinking and caring for themselves without the guardianship and protection of our brilliant and benevolent “leaders.” Such is the crop harvested by generations of indoctrination in the compulsory government education system.

I will enthusiastically support Donald Trump if he runs to reclaim his presidency in 2024.

But Donald Trump is not God. Not mine, at least.

I am a registered republican voter and an elected member of the Cuyahoga County GOP Central Committee. But the republican party is not my church. I will not compromise my freedom to support the party bureaucracy. I will support the party so long as the party supports me.

The republican party establishment uses a psychological technique to keep deep state authoritarian flunkies in power to represent “me.” They select their puppets and aggressively promote them to party members as the only acceptable candidates who can counter the evil communists on the democrat side. The puppets then parrot obvious talking points that resonate with “conservatives,” like support of the Second Amendment, opposition to killing unborn babies and, of course, support of Donald Trump. The latter is a relatively new one that parasite candidates have latched onto. Five years ago most of these staunch Trumpians despised and mocked the guy and did whatever they could to marginalize and demonize him.

And if an authentic pro-liberty, anti-establishment candidate emerges?

That candidate, the establishment will lecture, simply cannot win. That game is as old as party politics.

Almost a full year before the 2022 Ohio primary elections, I have been told by party puppets that I should “wake up,” because Joe Blystone – who I support – has no chance to win the republican nomination for governor. It is true that the central Ohio farmer has a tougher road to unseating Dictator Mike DeWine than the politically connected, heavily financed Jim Renacci, who, during his tenure in Congress received failing grades as a republican supporter of conservative causes.

But the campaign has barely started and the establishment stooges apparently have no clue how pissed off independent rural Ohioans are at the status-quo republicans.

It’s reminiscent of 1999. A full year before the 2000 presidential primary season – long before anybody had announced their candidacy – the media had already proclaimed Bush as the frontrunner for the republican nomination. And, of course, it became a self-fulfilling prophecy – as usual – because trusting republicans assumed it was true.

This weekend, during a casual gathering of the Strongsville Republican Club, of which I am a member, Max Miller, Trump-endorsed candidate to primary Deep State Anthony Gonzales next year in the 16th Congressional District, spoke to the crowd as though he was “the” republican running against Deep State Tony. The other candidate – Jonah Schulz – an audience member who was not the morning’s invited speaker, rose to invite Miller – and Deep State Tony – to a future debate. Miller said he would “consider” the offer. But it has become clear that the club leadership is solidly behind Miller even before any actual vetting has taken place.

Following the event, I was schooled by an astute student of politics who wasn’t sure who his local council member is, that Schulz, who has been campaigning for almost a half a year, has no chance to beat Miller.


One reason, he explained, is that Schulz is an inexperienced 26 years old.

Miller is a sage 31.

And why would I want to waste my vote on a kid with no life experience?

Of course, the real reason why Miller might have an inside track on the 2022 primary – aside from Trump’s endorsement – is that his grandfather was the millionaire and politically influential Sam Miller, of Forest City Material Co. To his credit, Miller pledged to support a candidate (Schulz) who beats him in next year’s primary against Deep State Tony.

I will not be so generous.

I support Schulz. If Miller becomes the republican nominee, I see no reason – so far – not to vote for him against a democrat opponent. If Deep State Tony is nominated, I will not vote for him, regardless what the party – at the county or state level – says. Deep State is not a friend of liberty minded people and therefore is ineligible for my vote.

Likewise, in the race for governor, senator, dog catcher or any other position, I will not vote for the establishment republican candidate if he or she does not convince me that he or she, above all else, will advocate individual freedom and the protection of individual rights from the psychopaths in government.

If the republican party is unable to nominate such a candidate – as opposed to the traditional lesser of two evils “who can win” – the absence of my vote will be on the party’s collectivist conscience.

Not mine.

My future votes will be votes by me and for me – and those who share my value of freedom. Candidates who think it’s okay to violate people’s inalienable rights upon any authoritarian declaration of an emergency need not apply. Candidates who believe that the government has the right to mandate experimental injections into human beings, mask the faces of children and arbitrarily shut down certain private businesses need not apply.

Candidates who promise what they are going to “do” for me need not apply, because the only thing I want and need them to “do” for me is to leave me alone.

My vote does not belong to the republican party, the Strongsville Republican Club nor to the Trump-endorsed candidates – unless they earn it.

“I’ve never joined any organization — not even the ones I’ve organized myself. I prize my own independence too much.” – Saul Alinsky







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