Ohioans need to take back the GOP

Ohio republicans: We may have elected one of the worst governors, of either party, in the entire United States. We are now paying the price for not paying attention to the kind of people we are voting for.

We can’t let it happen again. We need to clean house in our own party. The “lesser of the two evils” is no longer acceptable.

People don't know their true powerPolitics starts at the grassroots. We need to step up the pressure and keep it on.

Most people don’t know how Ohio’s republican party is structured and how easy it is to get involved. Here’s a summary.

1. Each county GOP has a Central Committee, with one elected representative for each precinct in each city or township. In Cuyahoga County, I represent Strongsville, Ward 3, Precinct C. If nobody is elected to this position, your city’s ward leader may appoint somebody. Most people have no idea that this position exists, and therefore 19 of Strongsville’s 30 precincts have no representation.

Find out about your county’s GOP Central Committee. Find out who your precinct’s Central Committee representative is and let that person know that it is not acceptable to nominate elitist, authoritarian enemies of the people for election to government office. If you don’t like what your local Central Committee rep stands for, run against him or her. If your precinct doesn’t have a Central Committee rep, contact your county GOP to find out how to be appointed to the position.

2. Just like your county, the Ohio GOP also has a Central Committee made up of one male and one female representative from each of Ohio’s 33 senate districts. This is also an elected position.

You can find out who represents you and your district on the Ohio GOP Central Committee at https://ohiogop.org/about/. Contact your representatives and find out what candidates and positions they support, and why. Make your views known to them. If necessary, run against them.

3. Begin the pressure now on your state senator and state representative. Regardless of the grandstanding and lip service, many of them support DeWine’s attack on your freedom. Many are hiding and staying silent, hoping that they won’t be asked to reveal their politics. Others are grandstanding with eye candy legislation that is going nowhere. Others have openly praised the governor.

How about your representative and senator?

Are they with the people, or are they with DeWine’s authoritarians and special interests?

Find out who represents you at: https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislators/senate-directory and https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislators/house-directory. Then pick up the phone or send an email.

It is apparent from what is now taking place that most of our elected republican office holders believe it is their job to manage the people of Ohio with top-down dictates and do not respect the God-given freedom of the individual. The government belongs to the people, not the other way around.

Be aware. Be educated. Be involved.

And never forget the politicians who have done this to us.

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