Freedom is the only issue

Many of the issues that the media landlords have placed on the agenda for discussion among the common sheeple – Bain & Company, Newt Gingrich’s wives, etc. – are important issues for consideration. But they are mainly diversions from the more important issues. Gingrich is obviously a despicable human being, but that’s none of my business as it doesn’t directly bear on my liberty or lack thereof.

The real facts to be examined reveal that both Mitt Romney and Gingrich are in support of government health care, no matter how much they try to back away from it now. That, the GOP tells us, is a major issue for this election.

Both Romney and Gingrich have supported industry-killing, freedom grabbing carbon taxes and other ridiculous measures to combat the global warming crisis, which is another futures-trading sham contrived by Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street brokerages to extract cash from our pockets with the happy assistance of the useful idiots in the environmental movement.

Gingrich has argued for restrictions on freedom of speech and freedom of the press due to our current “state of war” that will be a never-ending battle as long as progressives and totalitarians can use it as an excuse for the sheeple to give away their God-given freedom to an elite ruling class. Gingrich’s views of the Bill of Rights, and what exceptions might be appropriate, indicate that his support of martial law would not be out of the question.

The tea party, for me, was a movement not only against extreme taxes, but against tyrannical government. That movement no longer exists. It took a measly four years for it to be dismantled and replaced by a movement influenced by big government republicrats.

I will continue to make voting decisions through the lens of liberty, freedom from government control of individuals and free, non-manipulated trading markets. For me, the talk about Bain & Company, releasing tax returns, divorcing wives because they aren’t pretty enough to be married to a president (and “besides, she has cancer”) is all moot because both of these candidates have already been disqualified in my mind, because they are progressives who do not believe in my liberty. They don’t want to “represent” me. They want to “govern” me.

Candidates who talk about “running” the economy are not philosophically eligible to earn my vote. If we want an economy that is “run” or “manipulated by central planners, let’s say so and stop lying about wanting to live in a “free” market.

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