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Individual freedom is the greatest gift of the Creator and is not to be infringed upon – not by other individuals, nor by an obtrusive government. I advocate a free market economy – not the manipulated economy that today masquerades as a free market economy.

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This site, launched in March 2018, is the successor to an ugly old Blogger site with the same name. The earliest posts were transferred over from Blogger, which explains why they predate the launch of this website.

“Makin’ Tea” references the “Tea Party” movement that gained popularity during the late 2000s before it was hijacked and tamed by the “conservative” establishment. “Makin’ Tea” also was earlier contrived – rather cleverly, if I may say so – as a way for voters to remember my last name when I ran for the Strongsville school board as a write-in candidate in 2003.

I didn’t win. But I did get a lot of votes for somebody who wasn’t on the ballot. In retrospect, it’s a good thing I didn’t win. I probably would have had a heart attack a long time ago.

And probably the same for the other board members.

I am an award winning journalist who has worked in the media since 1984.

My business, since 1990, is McEntee Media Corp., a publisher and editorial content provider in the business to business media field. McEntee Media publishes Composting News, a print/digital trade journal that covers the composting and organics management business. At the end of 2021 I discontinued The Paper Stock Report, the first title I launched in 1990. In 2021 I took on the role of editor of MetalsRecycling magazine. I also am a freelance writer who has written extensively about health care, small business and numerous other topics.

My media career started in 1984 when I became a reporter at the Lorain (Ohio) Journal, where I won four first place awards for investigative reporting and community service reporting. Later, while working as an editor in the trade press for Recycling Today Magazine and Fibre Market News, my late brother Ron and I established The Weekly Farce, a satirical newspaper based in Cleveland, and Active Voice, a newspaper dedicated to free expression unhindered by media landlords. The Farce had a bit of a cult following and was often featured in the local print, TV and radio media around Cleveland.

After a while, Ron and I started to notice that the bullshit we made up in The Farce was starting to be more believable than the “news” that was reported in the mainstream media. Fake news was alive and well long before Donald Trump popularized the term.

I am a past president (2016-2018) of the Rotary Club of Strongsville, past president of the Strongsville Rotary Foundation (2019-2020) and a member of the Rotary Action Group Against Slavery, based somewhere in England. I am a trustee of Arts in Strongsville (an activity that I have enjoyed with Amy, my late wife), a member of the Central Committee of the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County, Ohio and advocacy chair of the Strongsville Republican Club.

I also am a member of the Buckeye Firearms Association, the Self-Realization Fellowship founded by Paramahansa Yogananda and U.S. Composting Council. I also represent Rotary on Greater Cleveland’s Coordinated Response to Human Trafficking, and have volunteered for the SOAP Project (Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution).

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